COMPLAUD - user friendly vulnerability auditing and compliance verification tool, that saves your time and improves security

Set up parallel compliance verification of all your servers, network equipment and software against security standards. Start getting timely information about vulnerabilities of your applications and system software of your servers and network equipment

Get near-realtime overview of vulnerabilities of all your devices in single dashboard

Dashboard Dashboard

Replace occasional manual scans by automated parallel auditing of software against more than 24 thousand known vulnerabilities (MS Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Suse Linux Enterprise Server etc.)

Audit Audit

Results of manual security audits become obsolete by the time of report preparation. Replace occasional manual audits with round-the-clock parallel automated compliance verification against hardware and software security standards. More than 3,000 compliance tests of different software and appliances (Linux, MS Windows, Oracle, SAP, VMware, Cisco, Huawei, Mikrotik)

–°ompliance verification against hardware and software security standards –°ompliance verification against hardware and software security standards

Get near realtime history of installations and removals of software on your servers

Audit result Audit result

Exceptions confirmation workflow right inside the platform. Save your time! Confirm and get rid of false positives

Tickets archive Tickets archive

Why does your organization need this?

Get near-realtime information on when vulnerabilities appear and get fixed

Get near-realtime round-the-clock auditing instead of 3-4 manual scans per year

Get always current understanding of state of security of the whole infrastructure and each of its components